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Enta Habibi - You Are My Love

Enta Hayati - You Are My Life

Habib Alby - Love Of My Heart

Ya Amar - Like Moon Which Basically Means Beautiful.

Ana Bahebak - I Love You

Ya Habibi Bahebak - My Love, I Love You

Enta Habib Alby W Hayaty Ya Habibi - You Are The Love Of My Heart And My Life, My Love
Wahashtini - I Miss You

Al Aleb Ghaleb.

(The Inside Is the Winner)(You Are More Beautiful Than Your Dress)

Ma Baddo Daff La Yirrkuss

(He Doesnt Need Music to Dance

Al Hubb A3ma

(Love is blind)

Al Wakt Min Dhihab.

(Time Is Gold)

Li Ma Biyejjeh Ma3ak, Ta3a Ma3o

(Who does not go with you, go with him)

El Kamar Helou Wa Inta Ahhla

(The Moon Is Beautiful But You are Lovelier)

Wijjo MA Byidhak La Rgheef El Sukhon

(His Face Will Not Smile Even For a Warm Loaf Of Bread)

In Ken Habibak Min A3asal, Ma Tillhaso Killo

(If Your Lover Was Made Of Honey, Don't Lick Him All Up)Don't use his/her  kindness so much

Darb El Habib Zbeeb.

(A Hit from A loved One Is Raisins)

There are some very romantic Arabic love sayings that you can use often, especially while writing a love note to that special someone.

Ashourou bel farahi maak: This translates literally to "I'm feeling happy with you," but it is the equivalent of saying, "I like you."

Ahebbouka: I love you.

Hal tou hebbouni?: Do you love me?

Arabic men and women do not use some of the terms of endearment Americans use, such as "sweetie" or "baby," but they do use the following terms to express love and affection:

Habibi: My love

Hayete: My life

Omre: All my age

Albi: My heart

Youni enta: You are my eyes.

Hayet albi enta: You are the life of my heart.

Ahlam sa'ida: Sweet dreams!

Anaa ataajok: I need you.

Anaa motayyama: I'm in love!

This phrase would be spoken by a woman about a man.

Oriido an akoona ma'aki ila al-abad: I want to be with you forever.

Ya Amar: This translates literally to "like the moon," but it means you are found to be quite beautiful.

If you've had to travel back home and want to tell your Arabic lover how much you miss and love him, try these phrases:

Eshtaktoulaka: I miss you.

Hal tashtaaqo lii?: Do you miss me?

Kolla yawm ashtaaqo laki aktar: Every day I miss you more than the day before.

Abadan laa tansynii: Don't ever forget me.

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