Arabic Vocabulary for Shopping ( Note this lesson For Colloquial Egyptian Arabic Language )  
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One of the best ways to explore another country is to go shopping. Whether you're shopping for clothes, food, or souvenirs, you can use the following phrases in any Arabic-speaking country to help you find just the right thing.
There are some fabulous deals to be found in the Middle East. In most Arabic-speaking countries, there are street markets (called souqs) where you can buy anything from fruits and vegetables to antiques and collectibles. If you need more specific grocery items, you want to visit a Baqqaal (grocery store).
Bargaining in these marketplaces is one of the great cultural activities in the Arab world and one of the best opportunities for a visitor to practice speaking. Good-natured haggling is expected in the street markets (but not in fixed-price stores). Expect the salesperson to start at twice the expected price or higher.
The following words can be used in a variety of shopping situations. but first we need also to take some arabic vocublaries for places and shops 

El bosta
The post office

El gazzar
The butcher

محل ادوات
M7al adwat
The hardware store

محل الهدوم
M7al el hedom
The clothing store

محل الشرايط
M7al shrayet
The music store

El ftatry
The pastry shop

El ma7`baz
The bakery

El ma7al
The store

محل الكتب
Ma7al el kotob
The bookstore

El saydaleya
The pharmacy

السوبر ماركت
El supermarket
The supermarket

El so2
The market

El mall
The shopping center

دكتور العيون
Doctor el 3yon
The optician
Once you’ve found the right shop, you need to find what you’re looking for. Use the following words and phrases to find what you need, figure out how much it costs and tell the sales assistant how many you want…

انا بدور على ..............
Ana badawar 3la
I’m looking for…

عندك .............؟
3andek ………?
Do you have...

بكام دي؟
Bekam di?
How much does it cost?

عندك تاني؟ / عندك اكتر؟
3andek tany? / 3andek aktar
Do you have more?

مقاس كام دي؟
M2as kam di?
Which size is that?

انا عايزة اجربها / انا عايزة اقيسها
Ana 3ayza agarabha / ana 3ayza a2isha
I’d like to try it on.

فين البروفة؟
Feyn elprova?
Where are the changing rooms?

انا هاخدها
Ana ha7`odha
I’ll take it.
Here are some more useful questions and answers.

ايه المقاس اللي انتي عايزاه؟
A elm2as ely enty 3ayzah?
What size do you want?

مناسبة ليكي
Monasba liky
It suits you

شكلها حلو
Shaklaha 7elw
It looks good.

I like it.

مقاس اكسترا لارج
M2as extra large
An extra large size

مقاس لارج
M2as large
A large size

مقاس ميديام
M2as medium
A medium size

مقاس سمول (صغير )
M2as small
A small size

El m2as
The size

مش مناسبة ليكي
Mesh monasba liky
It doesn’t suit you.
Here are the words for some items you might be looking for…

El pullover
The sweater

بانطلون استرتش
Pantalon stretch
The tights

El bloza
The blouse

El kravata
The tie

El 2amis
The shirt

El balto
The coat

El gazma
The shoes

El jaketa
The jacket

El short
The shorts

El sontiana
The bra

El slip
The underwear

El pantalon
The trousers

El shanta
The handbag

El jeeba
The skirt

El t-shirt
The t-shirt

El fostan
The dress

El sharab
The socks
Once you found what you were looking for, you’ll need to pay.

من فضلك, ادفعي في الخزنة. / لو سمحتي, ادفعي في الخزنة.
Men fadlek, edfa3y fi el 7`azna. / Lao sama7ty edfa3y fi el 7`azna.
Please pay at the check out.

لو سمحتي, حطي رقمك السري. / من فضلك, حطي رقمك السري.
Lao sama7ty 7oty rakamek el serry. / Men fadlek 7oty rakamek el serry.
Please type in your PIN.

فين اقرب ماكنة فلوس؟
Fen a2rab makanet feloos?
Where is the closest ATM?

احنا مش بناخد فيزا. / احنا مابنقبلش الفيزا.
E7na mesh bna7`od viza. / E7na mabne2balsh el viza.
We don’t accept credit cards.

ايه رقم الفيزا كارت بتاعك؟
A rakam el viza kart bta3ek?
What is your credit card number?

ممكن ادفع بشيك؟
Momken adfa3 bshik?
Can I pay with travelers checks?

عايزة ادفع بالفيزا كارت, من فضلك. / عايزة ادفع بالفيزا كارت, لو سمحتي.
3ayza adfa3 bel viza kart, men fadlik. / 3ayza adfa3 bel viza kart, lao sama7ty.
I’d like to pay with my debit card, please.

عايزة ادفع كاش, لوسمحتي. / عايزة ادفع كاش, من فضلك.
3ayza adfa3 cash, lao sama7ty. / 3ayza adfa3 cash, men fadlek.
I’d like to pay with cash, please.

عايزة ادفع بالفيزا كارت
3ayza adfa3 bel viza kart
I’d like to pay by credit card.

لو سمحتي, امضي هنا. / من فضلك, امضي هنا.
Lao sama7ty emdi hena. / Men fadlek emdi hena.
Please sign here.
That’s it for this lesson. Now, you are well prepared for your next shopping experience.

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